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Teams taking part
Raised so far
Emily A Ayre donated £25.00
Edmundson Electrical Ltd Sudbury donated £100.00
Tim Groom Architects Ltd donated £1100.00
Gemma Wilks donated £10.00
Gill McIntosh donated £25.82
Louis Marsh donated £10.45
Danielle Keinzley donated £10.00
Sam Walker donated £20.00
Claire Hoe donated £10.00
Jeremy Porter donated £60.00

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What is the Cumbrian Challenge?

The Cumbrian Challenge is our annual flagship fundraising event for individuals, organisations and companies who want to show their support and experience a memorable team-building weekend in the Lake District alongside our staff.

We target those who have fallen the furthest, men and women struggling with mental health issues, unemployment or homelessness. By providing early intervention programmes and speeding up access to therapy we are changing the lives of veterans and, crucially, their families.

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Cumbrian Challenge 2024. Peak, Tough, and Tougher

The Cumbrian Challenge 2024 team taking part

Why take part?

  • Enjoy a weekend in the beautiful peaks of the Lake District
  • Network with WWTW supporters from across the country
  • Get involved with a fantastic team-building challenge
  • Walk alongside our beneficiaries
  • Create positive PR for your company
  • Most importantly, help raise vital funds for WWTW!

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Pick the ‘Peak’, ‘Tough’ or ‘Tougher’…

There are three routes catering for every ability from the ‘Peak’, for those new to the fells, to our harder ‘Tough’ and ‘Tougher’ for the experienced, more confident teams keen on a big day in the beautiful fells.

The Peak

11km, 650m Ascent

Learn more

The Tough

21km, 1,400m Ascent

Learn more

The Tougher

28km, 1,700m Ascent

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A Historical Incentive

For the team that has raised the most by 19:00 on the 18th May, Walking With The Wounded are delighted to be able to offer complimentary spaces * on our D-day 80 Experience.

D Day landing

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the largest amphibious operation in history ‘Operation Overlord’, that signalled the allies return to mainland Europe and the beginning of the end of the Second World War, Walking With The Wounded and Challenge The Wild are mounting an expedition to the Normandy Beaches. As part of this, a select group will be attending the experience, which includes:

  • A private tour of the home of Sir Winston Churchill Chertwell on the 5th June
  • Witnessing the expedition team land on Juno beach on the 6th June in the morning
  • A tour of the Juno & Gold beaches
  • Evening attendance of a beach of your choosing (Utah, Omaha, Gold, Sword & Juno), to witness the lighting of the ‘lamplights of peace’, the first and only time this will be done.

Our military Ambassador Dan Searson is thrilled to be managing this experience and expedition and has generously offered this prize for our Cumbrian Challenge participants. As the Second World War and the generation that fought through it sit now on the very edge of living memory, this will be a final tribute to their bravery. Be a part of history as it’s made.

* Accomodation will be provided - please contact the team for more details. Travel is not included in this offer.

Cotswold outdoor logo

Win £100 in Cotswold Outdoor Gift Vouchers

Although a team game, we know the power of individual’s fundraising and that’s why we’re pleased to offer the amazing prize to the top individual fundraiser, of £100 in Cotswold Outdoor Gift Vouchers. This will be awarded to the participant with the highest total by 19.00 on the 18th May.

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Avatar Name Raised
Avatar Name Raised
Danny Plumb
3rd Year
Richard Eaton
4th Year
Steve Reeves
2nd Year
Tim Olivey
3rd Year

What to expect

Welcome to the Cumbrian Challenge

It's time to get your team back together!

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