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Walking With the Wounded target those who have fallen the furthest, men and women struggling with mental health issues, unemployment or homelessness. By providing early intervention programmes and speeding up access to therapy they are changing the lives of veterans and, crucially, their families.

Please support this great charity!

Joe Littledale, Lee Jay & Jimmy Self

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Avatar Name Raised
Sara Warwick
Team Leader
James Self £1,343.41
Lee Jay £1,283.90
Joe Littledale £70.00

Status Updates

£51.45 from Tim Newton

Gift Aid +£12.86

Lovely of you to take these two old fellas on a country walk Joe, make sure you look after them :-)

Thanks Tim 😀

£25.82 from Calvin Pallace

Gift Aid +£6.46

Good Luck Gents and REspect. Stirling effort.
.... ..- .-. .-. .- .... / ..-. --- .-. / - .... . / -.-. .-. . --..-- / ..- -... .. --.- ..- .

Thanks Calvin 😃

£10.00 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£2.50

Awesome work from the Forces Support Network, best wishes for your challenge and keep up the good work 💕

Thank you 😀

£47.96 from David Perkins

Gift Aid +£11.99

A worthy cause.. there is far to little support out there for mental health - Keep up the work 💪!

Thank you David!

£25.00 from Jake Streatfeild-James

Gift Aid +£6.25
Thank you Jake!

£50.00 from Richard Littledale

Gift Aid +£12.50

Strength to your steps!

Thanks Richard! 🙂

£15.00 from Nick Fay

Gift Aid +£3.75

Make sure Jimmy brings his drum!

Will do! 😀 thanks Nick!

£25.82 from steven Matthew King

Gift Aid +£6.46

Very good cause guys, will make more teams for next year. Inter team competition i see could on the cards. Enjoy the banter, enjoy the scenery and am sure the pain will be worth it. The party afterwards will be awesome !!

Sounds good! Thanks Steven!

£30.95 from Julia Blue

Gift Aid +£7.74

Good luck team. Go smash it 💪

Julia, Thank you so much for your kind donation!

£50.00 from Kevin Jordan

Gift Aid +£12.50

Well done team. Good luck and don’t forget the deep heat.

Thank you so much for your kind donation Kevin!
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