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What You Need

Even in May in the Lake District the weather can be very temperamental and conditions can vary greatly in just one day. A variety of clothing is therefore required, plus a safety kit.

There will be marshals at key points on the route, as well as medical staff, but the route is not marked/guided.

Please note there will be random kit checks on the morning of the challenge conducted by staff and volunteers . These are for everyone’s safety so we are grateful for your understanding and patience.

Technical event t-shirts will be supplied on the Friday night at registration for you to wear should you wish. Please avoid wearing cotton tops as they do not wick sweat away and you will get cold in the wind up high. Likewise, jeans are also inappropriate and not allowed for walkers as they are heavy and rub when they get wet and add to the risk of a serious incident on the hill in bad weather.


  • Rucksack (35L. Slightly smaller/ larger is fine but this size is ideal to allow for all of the kit in this list; for ease of walking it is best to avoid tying clothing around the waist and having to carry items in the hands)
  • Mobile phone (and waterproof case for it!) (Vodafone has the best signal in the area)
  • Whistle
  • Walking boots/suitable footwear (e.g. trail shoes if running) – Broken in (worn in the hills several times) to ensure the boots fit properly, are comfortable and don’t create blisters
  • Waterproof jacket & trousers
  • Fleece
  • Spare base layer
  • Spare pair of socks
  • 2L water bottle or hydration pack
  • Thermal gloves
  • Hat
  • Lunch and emergency snacks (e.g. Mars Bar)
  • Walking Poles (optional but recommended)
  • Sunglasses (optional but recommended)
  • Sun hat (optional but recommended)


  • Compass
  • Compeed / blister patches / Vaseline (apply as soon as you feel a hot spot in your boot – don’t wait till the top or bottom of the hill!)
  • Basic first aid kit and any personal medical kit (if you are aware of existing condition, please ensure that you have all necessary equipment with you and tell us in advance)
  • Sun cream (subject to the forecast)
  • Head torch (just in case…)

Tip: Before packing your rucksack lay out all of the above items, plus any personal preferences, and tick them off one by one. It is very important that all of these items are in your rucksack to improve your comfort on the day and to help deal with any unforeseen circumstances.


Due to the nature of this challenge plenty of small snacks are advisable allowing food to be eaten on the go or during short breaks. Good snacks are:

  • Nuts and dried fruit – good for slow energy release
  • Sweets and chocolate – good for instant energy
  • Flapjack – Filling and slow energy release

It is personal preference but a good mix of slow energy and fast energy release foods with carbohydrates will keep you going.


Water is ideal for keeping hydrated. If you prefer to have flavour to your water you can add squash but it is classed as a mild diuretic and therefore you are likely to need the toilet more often.

Caffeine based liquids such as tea and coffee are also seen as mild diuretics so the same applies; definitely worth taking into consideration for a long day on the hill!

Energy drinks such as Mountain Fuel can make a difference but make sure you try them out in advance to see that it works for you.


The best weather forecasts for the Lake District which shows you how cold it can be on the mountain tops, the effect of the wind and the chance of cloud-free summits, are the Met Office's mountain forecast and the Mountain Weather Information Service


There is a compulsory safety briefing at registration on the Friday night. These will be held periodically on the Friday evening.

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