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I served so want to raise funds to support ex-military and their families.

I'm participating

Grasmere Sports Ground, Grasmere, Cumbria LA22 9SL

The Tougher

Status Updates

£10.45 from Hannah Stobbs

Gift Aid +£2.61

Well done.

£10.45 from Carl Pheasant

Gift Aid +£2.61
Carl - That's great, thank you so much!

£20.70 from david watkins

David - Very kind of you, thank you so much.

Status Update

And it's a wrap, we did it. Tough challenge on a warm day but well worth it. @8 hours to do it, which isn't bad for an old man ;-). As you can see in the image below, I was the top individual fundraiser, so I got a nice star, voucher and bottle of champagne. However, it's not all down to me, it's down to you that have donated and made it possible. I salute you and say thank you.
Until next time .....

£20.70 from Chris Jones

Gift Aid +£5.18

Well done to everyone 👏

Chris & Nick - Very kind of you both and lovely to see you at the finish line on Saturday, along with Beau. Thanks again.

£100.00 from Heather White

Gift Aid +£25.00

Good luck Carlos!!
So proud of you - you’ve got this!!
H xxx

To my much better half, couldn't have done it without your support. Love you 😘

£20.70 from John Forrest

Gift Aid +£5.18
john - Very kind of you, very much appreciated. Chalkie

£10.45 from Donna Neil

Gift Aid +£2.61

Good Luck

Donna - Thank you for the sponsorship, very kind of you.

£20.00 from Steven Howarth

Gift Aid +£5.00
Steve - Thanks fella, very much appreciated and for such a worthy cause. Chalkie

£20.00 from Chris Ter Bekke

Gift Aid +£5.00
Chris - Nice one big man, be good to see you on the next one fella! Thank you, really is appreciated.
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Target: £5,000.00


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