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Grasmere Sports Ground, Grasmere, Cumbria LA22 9SL

The Tougher

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£25.82 from Sandy Alexander

Gift Aid +£6.46

Go on yersel big man!

Cheerz wee man, very much appreciate the donation, thanks Sandy 👍

£10.45 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£2.61

Go Dan!! 🚶💪👏👏

Cheerz Anon (J) - very much appreciate the donation. And hopefully I will go and go and go :)

£25.82 from Anonymous

Thanks Anon (acw) - donation very much appreciated 👍👍

£25.00 from Benni Buitoni

Gift Aid +£6.25

Good luck Dan and so great job for helping others and be generous xx

Thanks Benni, very much appreciate the donation. Hope all good in the land of high fashion 🤔😊

£25.00 from Chrissie Ford

Go Dan!

Cheerz Chrissie, very much appreciate the donation. Still reaping the benefits of the boot camp 😊

£20.00 from Sailing Family

Obviously taking a gentle stroll up an English hill is nothing compared to Scottish sailing, but this looks a brilliant cause so well worth it! Love from all four of us xx

Very funny folks - have you got your level 2 yet? Thank you so much for the donation. At least no capsizing on land!!! Hope you guys all well

£25.00 from Heidi Stone

Gift Aid +£6.25

With your long legs it shouldn’t take you too long!

Cheerz Heidi, thanks for the donation. And yes, hopefully my legs will not let me down 🤔🤞🙄😊

£25.00 from Jen Coleman

Gift Aid +£6.25

Have a great yomp over the lakes, don’t forget to stretch and book a massage for after 🥰

Cheerz Jen, very much appreciate the donation. Hope the scars heel 😊

£15.58 from Peter Charles Shorney

Gift Aid +£3.90

Well done for doing this Dan.

Cheerz Peter, very much appreciate the donation - Hope retirement / furniture business going well.

£50.00 from Richard Gall

Gift Aid +£12.50

Good luck - hope the toenails survive..

cheerz Richie, donation much appreciated. As for toe nails, ho hum - plan on using poles to try and secure some foot relief?!
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