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Grasmere Sports Ground, Grasmere, Cumbria LA22 9SL

The Tougher

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£50.00 from Nigel Somner

Gift Aid +£12.50

Nice one, good luck Dan 🙂

thanks Nigel, appreciate the donation, now are you for joining me on a gentle yomp?! :)

£25.82 from Jane Turner

Gift Aid +£6.46

Well done get a wiggle on!😆

why thank you Jane - I have a defined gait, not sure it qualifies as a wiggle! cheerz for the donation :)

£20.00 from Morna and David West

Gift Aid +£5.00

Well done, Dan, for taking on this challenge and raising money for an admirable cause!

Thanks Morna & David - very much appreciate the support. I’m sure David could form a team and run round 🤔

£10.45 from Scott Thomson

Gift Aid +£2.61

Best of luck Dan.

Thanks Scott, much appreciated….. it’s been a while 😊

£50.00 from Alice Lafferty

Gift Aid +£12.50

You will smash 💪it Dan great cause

thanks Alice, very much appreciate the donation - can't wait to see your new house :)

£51.45 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£12.86
thanks Anon, very much appreciate the donation :)

£25.00 from Sandy Pirie

Gift Aid +£6.25

Good effort & Great cause,

cheerz Sandy, it certainly is a good cause - hope you and yours all good.

£25.00 from Ed & Mo

Good luck, but I am sure you will make it look easy......1 step in front of the other........repeat....repeat.....repeat...etc

Cheerz Ed & Mo, very much appreciated and solid advice ;)

£10.45 from Anonymous

Gift Aid +£2.61

Hope all goes well

cheerz Anon - very much appreciated :)

£20.00 from David Mulligan

Gift Aid +£5.00

Good effort!

thanks David, very much appreciated :)
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