Tim Olivey

Member of (DXC) Duffers Detachment
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Grasmere Sports Ground, Grasmere, Cumbria LA22 9SL

The Tough

Status Updates

£100.00 from Liz Hurst

Great job Tim – congrats!

£40.00 from Elliott Brown

£30.95 from Rachel polner

Good luck Tim from Rachel and Poppy!

£50.00 from Mark & Carla Morrison

£256.45 from Mark and Robin Bennett

£25.82 from Valerie Molleskog

Good Luck Tim and the gorgeous Sadiepants. Hope Sadie gets lots of treats.

£25.82 from Paul Hunter

Gift Aid +£6.46

Nice weekend to do it, enjoying the views whilst raising money... Win Win!!

£25.82 from Richard Hunter

Gift Aid +£6.46

Good luck Tim.

£50.00 from Jim and Lauren Roach

We love you , Tim and Sadie!

Thank you! Looking forward to your arrival!!

£101.76 from Anonymous

I don’t know who you are but thanks so much for your generosity - really kind of you
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£3,155.38 raised

Target: £2,200.00


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